Back To School

Ahh, the beginning of the school year. A child’s worst nightmare and a parent’s dream come true. For three month’s you’ve dealt with having kids at home, arranging sitters or daycare for the young ones, dealing with a never-ending supply of drama from teens, and basically just pulling your hair out because…you know…parenting.


Fortunately, as school bells begin to ring in late August or early September, you’ll have 8 hours per day where you can stress a little less. However, you’re not completely off the hook. You’re still expected to provide a healthy breakfast for the kids, without making yourself late to your job, errands, yoga class, or whatever activities you have planned bright and early.


Many of you might reach for the nearest box of breakfast cereal just because it’s easy. However, there’s a couple flaws to this approach.

Sugar Content


The typical bowl of cereal is loadedwith sugar. How much you might ask? The typical amount of added sugar for a child’s cereal is about 15g per serving.Focus on the word serving here. The truth is, suggested serving sizes listed on cereal boxes are unrealistically small. When making a bowl of cereal at home, it’s typical to pour 2 or even 3 servings worth at a time which adds up to a whopping 45g of sugar. Not to mention, a cup of milk typically has about 12-15 grams of sugar in it. You just served your child a single meal consisting of nearly 60g of sugar. To put this into perspective, a can of Coke only has 39g of sugar, and you wouldn’t give your kid a Coca Cola for breakfast, right?

The general recommended maximum sugar intake for children between two and eighteen years of age is only 25g. By doubling that amount in a single meal, you’re putting your child at risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.


Not ideal for parents interested in maintaining their child’s health. Modern Oats on the other hand, will help you keep your child’s sugar content to a minimum, while being as easy to make as cereal. A cup of our 5 Berry No Sugar Added oatmeal contains only 2 grams of sugar. Our extremely popular Vermont Maple has a total of 13 grams, and our organic cups all have less than 10g. Even better, they cook up using just water, so you’re not adding sugar-riddled milk into the mix.

Ease Of Use


One of the reasons parents opt for cereal, is that it’s extremely easy. This is an ideal trait when you’re making breakfast for three kids who are already running behind schedule. Fortunately, Modern Oats’ single-serving oatmeal cups are just as easy to whip up. Simply open the cup, pour in hot water, cover for 3 minutes, and serve!

Not to mention, cereal adds unnecessary dirty dishes to your to-do list. By instead opting for Modern Oats, you’ll be able to provide a much healthier alternative, that requires only a spoon.


You’ll be able to save time prepping breakfast and save time by avoiding the cleanup process.



You might also enjoy cereal due to the overwhelming number of choices. It seems as if there’s countless flavors and varieties, so you’ll always be able to find something that suits toddlers, tweens, and teens. Luckily, Modern Oats provides 12 gourmet flavors, and also comes in variety packs. This means you’ll be able to switch things up while always being able to appease the pickiest of eaters.

Not Just A Hot Breakfast


If you think a hot cup of Modern Oats is the only way to serve them, think again. If you want a really easy breakfast recipe, try one of the fantastic “Overnight Oats” recipes that can be found online. For a super easy to make meal, simply add a cup of Modern Oats, unsweetened almond milk, and chunks of sliced fruit into a mason jar and let it sit in the fridge overnight. No baking or mixing required. In the morning, just grab a spoon and eat. By using unsweetened almond milk, you’ll be able to make this breakfast recipe gluten-free and vegan (shh, we won’t tell the kids if you won’t).

 Pure Ingredients, Pure Performance


If physical health, ease of use, and variety were not enough to convince you, then the mental health benefits will. According to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “Children may be particularly vulnerable to the nutritional effects of breakfast on brain activity and associated cognitive, behavioral, and academic outcomes.” You’ve likely heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this is even more true for adolescents. The findings from this article conclude that “…the evidence indicated a mainly positive effect of breakfast on on-task behavior in the classroom in children.” Before you send your kids off to endure 8-hours of math equations and history lessons, be sure they’ve ingested the fuel their brain needs.

By providing your children with a breakfast that is loaded with vitamins and nutrients, you’ll not only help them be physically healthy, but mentally healthy as well. This makes Modern Oats the perfect back to school breakfast.



The truth is, there are countless reasons why your kids should be eating Modern Oats for breakfast. Delicious flavors, quick cleanup, healthy body, healthy mind…the list goes on and on. As you do your back-to-school shopping this year, be sure to swing by the Modern Oatsonline store or Amazonto pick up a few cases. If you purchase from our online store, be sure to use promo code “OATSFIFTEEN” for 15% off your first order.


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