Breakfast For Camping

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than getting off the beaten path. In a world where we’re surrounded by screens, alerts, and emails, disconnecting for a few days is like the ultimate cleanse. As the chirping of alarms changes to the chirping of birds, you’ll feel a wave of relaxation come over you.


However, trekking out into the wilderness isn’t as simple as unplugging. Whether you’re gone for a day or a week, you’re going to need food to fuel your adventures. Food for camping and hiking has to fit some pretty specific guidelines. It needs to be easily transported and stored, long lasting, and easy to cook.


Since you’ll be without power for a few days, refrigerated items are a no-go. You’ll need dried foods that just mix with water for a quick meal. There is no shortage of foods at your local sporting goods store that come freeze-dried in small pouches made specially for camping or backpacking. These pouches allow consumers to eat a huge range of meals for any time of the day. However, the taste of these products often gets compared to that of airplane food. The texture is sometimes even worse. Some foods were just not meant to be dehydrated.

I’ve done my share of backpacking. Although I’m no Bear Grylls, I’ve spent several collective weeks in Havasupai, backpacked decent stretches of the John Muir trail, and galivanted around Yosemite. I’ve done enough to know that just-add-water lasagna in a pouch is not exactly what my body craves after double-digit miles with a 30-lb pack. The morning hour options are just as gag-inducing. Powdered scrambled egg mix is something no respectable human should ever have to choke down.


Luckily, Modern Oats is perfect for cold mornings in the wild. There’s a number of reasons I’m a big fan of these tasty little cups while on an adventure.




Since they cook up in their own cup, it’s as simple as boiling some water over the fire and adding it to the oats. This is identical to the cooking process for your soupy meatloaf, but significantly more rewarding.




Secondly, the oats are extremely lightweight and easy to pack in. When hiking through, keeping your pack as light as possible is essential. The heavier your pack, the more calories you’ll burn which means the more food you’ll need. Pop a couple of containers in your bag and breakfast is handled for the week, without even feeling the weight on your shoulder straps.

modern oats are great for camping



With a dozen different flavors, there’s no room for repetition. One of the few things I dislike about backpacking for a week or more is the monotony of food options. By bringing a few different flavors, you’ll be able to switch up your breakfast routine, so you don’t start daydreaming of a trip to IHOP.




It’s no secret that a day of non-stop walking takes large amounts of energy. The food you choose to ingest during these periods is crucial to reaching your peak performance. Luckily, oats are a healthy source of carbs, high in vitamins and minerals, low in fat, and a great source of fiber. When you start your morning with a cup of Modern Oats, you’re preparing your body for a physically demanding day.


Overall Health


Lastly, I’m a health nut. Something about being out in the wilderness makes me even more health conscious and pickier about what I put in my body. Knowing that my breakfast is gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO helps me enjoy the outdoors that much more.


Regardless of your motivations, there’s no denying that Modern Oats make a great travel companion for the outdoorsy types. They’re designed for people on the move, and people who cherish this planet we wander on. So the next time you hear the call of the wild, for everyone’s sake, leave the powdered eggs at home.


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