Fitness & Weight Loss Resolutions

We’ve all heard it before, “New year new you.” Chances are, we’ve probably said it ourselves. As the calendar hits January, many of us set New Year’s resolutions with the idea of losing weight, getting fit, and overall improving our well-being.


Coasting through January is easy. You’ve got a new goal set and you truly feel like a new you. Maybe you keep to your goals through February or even March, but most of us hit summer saying “Eh, there’s always next year.”


With that in mind it’s important to find foods and fitness routines that you’ll have no problem sticking to for a year or more. This means avoiding meals that take forever to cook, food that tastes terrible, and avoiding expensive fad workouts programs.


That’s why more and more people are switching to oatmeal to help achieve their fitness goals.


Oats for your everyday diet


How many of us are guilty of picking up a breakfast sandwich, croissant, or burrito on the way to work? We hit these drive-throughs mainly for their convenience, with little regard to our caloric intake. The idea of not having dishes to do, and not wasting time cooking breakfast is all it takes to blind us to 700 calories and a day’s worth of sodium.

Modern oats is a healthy breakfast alternative

If you’re going to break that habit you need something that fast, cheap, and easy just like that breakfast sandwich, while also being nutritionally fulfilling.


Oatmeal is low in calories, but high in fiber and protein which keeps you feeling full throughout the day. Modern Oats oatmeal cups whip up faster than you can get through the drive through, only requires a spoon, and costs less than that sausage croissant.


Oats for fitness


When it comes to making strides in the gym, most people have two requirements from their food: Energy and protein.

Modern oats is great to eat before and after workouts

Energy: Oats are a great source of complex carbohydrates, which is a necessity for peak performance. There’s been a lot of misconceptions about carbs in recent years, and some people work hard to cut them out of their diet completely. However, complex carbs are an extremely important part of our diet and differ wildly from the simple carbs found in refined foods, white bread, and many pastas. Ingesting complex carbs, like the type found in oatmeal, gives your body a long, steady source of energy that will help you power through your workouts.


Protein: Protein plays an essential role in the building and maintaining of muscle mass. General health wisdom recommends about 1g of protein intake per every kilogram of body mass each day. This recommended daily dose increases for those who work out regularly. Not all oatmeals are created equal, but Modern Oats has several grams of protein per serving, making it a solid option for a pre or post workout meal. Many athletes mix modern oats with milk or protein powder for a protein-packed super food that will help your body crush workouts and recover afterwards.

Modern Oats is perfect to eat before and after workouts.


Can vegan foods really help me hit my fitness goals?


The answer is a resounding yes. Fitness advice over the past few decades has focused on the idea of ingesting large quantities of meat in order to hit your goals. However, new research is shedding down on this conventional advice. If you have the time, we recommend you check out “The Game Changers” on Netflix. It’s a new documentary profiling famous professional athletes and Olympians who have made the switch to a plant-based diet and saw massive improvement because of it. In short, switching to vegan foods can actually increase physical performance, while helping you hit your weight loss goals. 


In conclusion


One cup of Modern Oats provides enough energy to power you through any workout. It’s a great source of fiber and protein to keep your body full and your muscles happy, and it’s low in calories. Equally important, it’s EASY. Sure, there are lots of high protein and low-calorie meals out there, but the reason so many people fail to stick to these diets is because they require cooking, cleanup, and dedication. By keeping your pantry or office stocked with Modern Oats, you’ll never struggle with eating clean again.


If you really want to hit your fitness and weight loss goals in 2020, break up with your drive-through and start a committed relationship with Modern Oats.


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