Food For A Marathon

On November 3rd, tens of thousands of die-hard fitness fans lined up in New York City to try and tackle the world-famous NYC Marathon. Of these, about 50,000 would end up crossing the finish line. Running 26.2 miles to start your morning is no easy task, so it’s no surprise that endurance runners must take extremely good care of their bodies both before and after races.


Simply hitting the treadmill is not enough to prepare for this behemoth of a race. The body needs to be properly fueled, the mind sharp, and the joints healthy.


We caught up with one of the runners this year, Marisa, to ask her about how she prepared for this challenge.

 modern oats at the nyc marathon


What motivated you to run in the NYC marathon?

The charity I'm running for, Room to Grow. I also can confidently say I wouldn't have run any other marathon. No place/crowd like NYC :)


(Editor’s note: Since the start of the Official Charity Partner Program in 2006, roughly $300 million has been raised for charity through the NYC Marathon. Big shout out to everyone involved!)


Do you stick to a pretty strict diet when training for a marathon?

After long runs I was making the mistake of refueling with burgers and a lot of fatty, meat-centric food because I thought that's what your body was supposed to eat after burning so many calories. I've learned (the hard way) that simple/nutritious carb-centric meals are the best for a runner's tummy.


Apart from running regularly, how do you prepare your body for a marathon?

Lots of stretching!


Why are Modern Oats a good fit for your training regimen?

They're perfect for race day and pre-race day meals because they're nutritious and super easy on your stomach (unlike many other oatmeals /carby foods). I've eaten many during training to prep for the race and they are my favorite carb so far.


Do you prefer to eat them for energy before a run, or to recover afterwards?

Before is my preferred but I've definitely done both.


Do you have a favorite flavor?

Organic Apple Cinnamon Ginger is the best!


What is your favorite thing about running?

It is forever a learning experience and progress is not linear. Some days, 14 miles are tranquil. Other days, 2 miles are torture. In either case, you're learning more about yourself and pushing to get somewhere.


Best change you've seen from adding running into your life?

The people. The running community is so caring and strong. It's been great to get to know so many people and feel supported by complete strangers.


Would you recommend Modern Oats to other runners?

10,000%. Most of my fears of running (generally, let alone the NYC marathon) have come from having issues with my stomach and digestion. It's a problem many runners face and I think Modern Oats is a great, neutral snack that is energizing without being sugary (like many other gels/carbs are) which can really mess with your stomach.


Whether you’re training for a marathon, or just trying to feel better, Modern Oats oatmeal can help you get there. Not only are the certified gluten-free, certified vegan, and certified non-GMO, but they’re a great source of energy, healthy carbs, and fiber. If your new year resolutions are going to revolve around running marathons, not Netflix marathons, reach for a cup of Modern Oats.


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