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Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cups

5 delicious flavors of vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free oatmeal that can be taken anywhere. Buy in bulk and get free shipping direct to your door.


This is hands down my favorite oatmeal!!!! I have tried so many instant varieties and this is the best! Highly recommend the taste and healthy ingredients!


I add the hot water before I leave for work with fresh blueberries added on top. By the time I get to work and stir the berries in I have a really good and healthy breakfast.


I love that this is so convenient, and low in sugar. Hard to find an instant oatmeal that is healthy, but this one is. I like all the flavors, and the overnight oats option is great for busy days.


I thoroughly enjoy the taste. It makes the difference when starting my day with a healthy bowl of oats.


I love these oats! Quick and easy and nutritious. Filling for in the morning and they don’t get mushy! I first tried them at my work (coffee shop) and loved them so much I had to order some so I stopped buying all of theirs 😂 my favorite is the Goji Blueberry!


Love, love, love Modern Oats! Can’t always get them in my area, so ordering works out great!

S. Allen

Nothing starts your morning better than a warm cup of modern oats! Chocolate Cherry is my favorite!

Dan G.

Modern Oats is undoubtedly the best oatmeal I've ever tasted. It's doubly amazing that it is so quick and easy to prepare. The oats are real and you can see and taste the quality. The flavors and extra ingredients add a lot to the experience of having a good hearty bowl of oatmeal. I've had several flavors(chocolate cherry, mango blackberry, Vermont maple, nuts & seeds) and Iook forward to trying even more. You will find this everything you expect -real ingredients, easy to prepare, and great taste. Excellent quality product.

A girl eats vegan oatmeal by the ocean

Nourishment For Nomads

Wherever you may roam.

A cup of gluten free oatmeal sits on a rock
A girl dances around while carrying healthy oatmeal

The Healthy Choice

Busy lifestyle? SAME!

Just add some hot water to your cup, slap the lid on, and head out on any adventure you have planned (or head to the office, blugh). No matter where you’re heading, Modern Oats makes it easy to have a healthy, gluten-free snack that is convenient, loaded with fiber and protein, low in sugar, and…oh yeah…freakin’ delicious!

Reinventing Oatmeal

We source our oats from the upper Midwest of the good ol’ USofA, then blend our them with nuts and seeds, berries, and superfoods. We then package it in convenient on-the-go cups that can be taken anywhere. Oatmeal has never been so savory or convenient.

Boring sciencey stuff

Modern Oats oatmeal is loaded with fiber, protein, and beta-glucans. The fiber helps your digestive track, and keeps you feeling full for hours. Protein also helps you feel full while supporting muscle and tissue health. Beta-glucans are soluble fibers that have been proven to lower cholesterol and increase your cardiovascular health.

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